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The Ninja Game: Puzzle, Strategy, Actions, and Ninjas

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Online gamers are probably familiar with all kinds of ninja games online. This new genre of game, featuring ninjas in all sorts of situations and settings, has become one of the most popular around. It’s probably impossible to go to any semi-good gaming site and not find at least

Who is Ms. PacMan?

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Ms. PacMan is basically a knock off of the ever popular PacMan. You might not really “get” Ms. PacMan if you aren’t familiar with PacMan hiMs.elf. PacMan is a game created and released in the 1980’s that became far more popular than anticipated, and, unlike many of the arcade

Why Cloud Computing is Adopted by Small Business?

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Cloud computing has become familiar term these days amongst the PC users and businesses are making use of this technology to a great extent. This cloud technology doesn’t require you to go to the office to attend some meeting or share your project details with your associates. It’s like

Wireless and Cable Networks of Computer and Laptop Technology

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The wireless and cable network of computers and laptops is becoming a big deal for many different companies and home users. Everyone seems to want to go wireless, but many businesses still need the speed of cabled networking. Most cable providers are just trying to find a balance between

What is SharePoint?

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The Internet is changing the way businesses work. No longer do your employees need to be sitting together around a table to work on a project as a team. Managers don’t need to micromanage their employees to ensure projects are being completed on time. The status of any given

“One Piece” Anime Viewing Options

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“One Piece is an animated series originated in Japan in the mid 1990’s. It was first aired in 1997 and  the plot consists of a man who is executed named Gold Roger who was known as the King of Pirates.  Just before his death Gold Roger announces that the

Detecting Mobile Devices in Your Cloud Computing App

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By Jennifer Marsh Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting. The small screen and slower connections on a smartphone make reading websites tough, not to mention expensive for people who pay by the megabyte for data use each month. Large