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Wakawaka Power Review

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My Simple Incredible solution for Power Mishaps How anyone could get prepared for power blackouts is a random question. Wakawaka power is a unique and impressive way to prepare for eventualities of power blackout. Upon discovering Wakawaka, several people have found a whole new way to charge gadgets and

CRT Glass Recycling: Disposing Off Broken or Unbroken CRT

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CRT refers to the cathode ray tube, which is the glass that you can touch in front of your computer monitor or television screen. Environmentalists have revealed that this glass contains lead, and if thrown in the landfill, it can release highly toxic fumes in the air and soil.

inForm: A Dynamic Shape Display

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The Tangible Media Group(TMG) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) desires to change the method humans act with physical objects by developing materials which will change their type and look dynamically based on digital information. Operating towards this goal, TMG has developed the inFORM, a “Dynamic shape Display”

Nokia Unveils Lumia 1520 For Abu Dubai

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After so much hypes and expectations about the much awaited Nokia Lumia 1520 is released in Dubai. There had been numerous conjectures about the actual release date and also regarding the location of release for the new Nokia Lumia 1520. This information is now confirmed by the company. Nokia

Top 5 Currency Conversion Apps

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It’s not everyday that one finds apps that can convert currency on the go. Rather, one can’t find apps that can convert it accurately enough for you to avoid heading to a website and entering your data there. However, there are a handful which do do the job well.

VPS Hosting: Is It Reliable?

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Virtual private server (VPS) hosting provides a hybrid service that combines shared and dedicated hosting capabilities. Although the server technically shares hardware with other servers, allowing for cheaper pricing more in line with the costs of shared hosting, the server is completely isolated, giving it many of the advantages

Planning Your Marriage In India The App Way

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Invite the most important guest for the marriage in India: wedding planner apps You are getting ready for your marriage in India and so one of the first things that you prepare would be the guest list. You know what makes it first to the guest list these days?

What Is ADSL and How Can You Get The Best ADSL?

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What is ADSL? ADSL is an increasingly-common marketing acronym which stands for “asymmetric digital subscriber line.” As with any new marketed product it’s crucial for consumers to understand what’s being offered and what they’re buying. Knowledge is power, and nowhere is this old aphorism more true than in the