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Netronix Pocketbook 301: How it Compares to Netronix’s Other EBook Readers

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Netronix has been in the eBook business for years, and is on top of the most advanced digital reading technology, especially with its latest three releases, one of which is the Netronix Pocketbook 301. All have met with great success with consumers, especially the Netronix Pocketbook 301. The Pocketbook

Avoiding New Operator Failure

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In any programming language, arrays are the most popular and practical way for storing data, however, when allocating memory to be dedicated to an array in a C++ code, you must decide the number of elements in it when defining the array, without postponing this step to runtime. One

It’s Not News Anymore

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As a part of that generation that grew up with the evening news as it first developed on television I find it hard to watch what attempts to pass as broadcast journalism today. What scant little I get merely wets my appetite only to be left thirsting for more.

Programming with KTurtle

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KTurtle is a simple programming application loosely based on the LOGO programming language. It runs on Linux. If you are a Windows or Mac user, though, fear not. Using a live CD of Linux or possibly running through Cygwin is a possibility. There is also a KDE on Windows