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3 Ways To Take Your WordPress Site To The Next Level

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WordPress is a powerful tool all on its own, but one of its real benefits is that this script can be optimized in many ways to meet a website’s needs. Even when a website seems like it’s the biggest, best WordPress-based site around, there’s always one tweak or another

The Importance Of Preparing For A Window’s Server Migration

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Upgrading your existing servers is essential when you want to take advantage of the latest features. However, this can become complicated with just one server. When you consider environments that have multiple servers, the job can become quite challenging, especially when those servers have complex workloads running on different

Need More Powerful Hosting On A Budget? Consider VPS

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Shared hosting is cheap, but it’s not worth the sales loss when customers can’t access your site. When a website runs on shared hosting servers, it shares server memory, CPU cycles and other hardware resources with several hundreds of sites. When customers start complaining of slow load times, it’s

How Penguin 2.0 Affects your Local SEO

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As if the first Penguin algorithm update didn’t cause enough stress in the SEO community, a few months ago Google released another one – Penguin 2.0. If your rankings have still suffered within the past month, you’ve probably got some cleaning left to do on your website. Here are