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Choosing The Right CMS

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A content management system is the best way to create a robust website without significant development time. There are a few major content management systems available, and all of them have their benefits and drawbacks. When creating a website, you’ll want to consider all of the aspects involved before

The Opportunity Cost Of Managing A Server Yourself

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If you have an internal IT department or have technological knowledge of your own, you may be tempted to manage your server yourself rather than have it hosted or managed by another company. While there are times when this can be beneficial, most companies will suffer from a significant

VPS Hosting: Is It Reliable?

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Virtual private server (VPS) hosting provides a hybrid service that combines shared and dedicated hosting capabilities. Although the server technically shares hardware with other servers, allowing for cheaper pricing more in line with the costs of shared hosting, the server is completely isolated, giving it many of the advantages

The Evolution Of Email

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When it comes to your view on email, you pretty much have two choices: You can join the crew that screams email is a dying breed and devise a plan to replace it, or you can check out ways it’s evolving to become more of a benefit than a

Exchange For Business: It’s All In The Hosting

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Microsoft Exchange keeps employee communications online no matter where employees may be physically, and it’s this lack of tethering that makes the hosted Exchange server so desirable in business. Constant accessibility to communications means work never has to stop, whether in or out of the office. Without proper hosting,

The Right Tools: Building An eCommerce Site That Works

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Over the years, the tools of the IT industry have changed and a rapid evolution is taking place in the world of technology as businesses move from in-house operations to virtual platforms. Businesses that can’t keep up with this evolution are doomed to fail, which is why even small,

Colo or Dedicated: That’s The Question

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So, you’ve decided your business is ready to move to a hosted infrastructure. Great! But the decisions don’t end there. You need to decide on a hosting paradigm – hosted (managed) dedicated servers or a hosted (managed) colocation solution. Each can be a great option, depending on your business’

Tune Your Site For Conversions

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Without a doubt, your website is one of your business’ most important tools. It’s the face of your company on the largest, most-used compilation of information in the world. Billions of people could see your site. If only a tiny fraction of them choose to purchase your goods or

Securing Your Online Presence: The Importance of Bulk Domain Registration

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Your entrepreneurial plans are under way, your business is being built and your website is being developed. You’ve come up with your ideal domain name and you’ve verified with a registrar that it’s available. Everything’s in place and as you prepare for your site to become a digital reality,

What does cloud database technology mean for database administrators?

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Making the move to a cloud computing host that supports the database can take months but once the move is complete, the database administrator’s role changes and must of the tedious work is handled by the hosting company. This doesn’t mean the DBA’s job is obsolete, though. Much of