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The Solar Power Revolution

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Eco-friendly and infinite, solar power has long been the ‘good guy’ of the energy industry. Although still not as popular as its carbon and oil counterparts, technological innovations in solar power have, in the past few years, aimed to revolutionise the way we live in the 21st century. If

Six Methods for Slashing Your Energy Bill

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In a 2012 study carried out by the Energy Saving Trust, survey results found that households across the UK spend an extra £86 ($128) on energy bills because they leave their electronic devices on standby – something that can easily be reduced. In fact, sixteen percent of the average

Green Energy and Obama: What we can expect in Obama’s Second Term

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President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address (SOTU) marks a milestone for the renewable energy and environmentalist movement. Obama’s SOTU contained the most mentions of climate change in the history of this important speech that sets the tone for and outlines the goals of a presidential term. Obama’s

Fun games for your BlackBerry PlayBook

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The featured image is sourced from Flickr. Mobile gaming is bigger than ever, with a huge variety of games available, catering to all tastes. BlackBerry PlayBook reviews have highlighted the device’s potential as a gaming platform, and with the recent update to the PlayBook OS, both the number of

Can you really game on an Ultrabook?

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  Ultrabooks are great. They’re light, sleek, and fast, ideal for traveling or commuting. But for gamers, there is an important question to consider. Is a computer like that really going to have the capability to get your game on, though? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. If you get

Is Single Player Gaming Really Dead?

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World of Warcraft (WoW) lead designer Rob Pardo recently announced to the media that “single player gaming is dead”. If you’ve ever had occasion to spend countless hours hunting down a last Chocograph in Final Fantasy, the announcement will come as something of a shock. But is he right?

Keeping Track of Home Finances with BlackBerry PlayBook

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The featured image is sourced from Flickr. RIM’s BlackBerry brand has become synonymous with business, being the first range of mobile devices to truly showcase the potential of email on-the-go. Unsurprising, then, that these BlackBerry PlayBook reviews note the company’s latest tablet is suitably equipped for use in professional