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Avoiding New Operator Failure

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In any programming language, arrays are the most popular and practical way for storing data, however, when allocating memory to be dedicated to an array in a C++ code, you must decide the number of elements in it when defining the array, without postponing this step to runtime. One

Programming with KTurtle

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KTurtle is a simple programming application loosely based on the LOGO programming language. It runs on Linux. If you are a Windows or Mac user, though, fear not. Using a live CD of Linux or possibly running through Cygwin is a possibility. There is also a KDE on Windows

Pure Data: A Graphical Audio Programming Language

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Imagine an old telephone switchboard, with operators unplugging and replugging wires into a giant patchbay. Instead of telephones on the other ends of all those connections, we have various electronic modules, such as the filters, oscillators, and amplifiers found in modular analog synthesizers. Now, replace all of these analog

3 Ways To Take Your WordPress Site To The Next Level

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WordPress is a powerful tool all on its own, but one of its real benefits is that this script can be optimized in many ways to meet a website’s needs. Even when a website seems like it’s the biggest, best WordPress-based site around, there’s always one tweak or another

The Importance Of Preparing For A Window’s Server Migration

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Upgrading your existing servers is essential when you want to take advantage of the latest features. However, this can become complicated with just one server. When you consider environments that have multiple servers, the job can become quite challenging, especially when those servers have complex workloads running on different

Need More Powerful Hosting On A Budget? Consider VPS

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Shared hosting is cheap, but it’s not worth the sales loss when customers can’t access your site. When a website runs on shared hosting servers, it shares server memory, CPU cycles and other hardware resources with several hundreds of sites. When customers start complaining of slow load times, it’s

An Introduction About Citrix Certified Administration (CCA) For NetScaler 10

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Citrix Certified Administration CCA for NetScaler 10 is set of Information Technology to improve applications and monitor all issues and problems that occurs in web applications. This certification validates and authorize the skills and abilities of candidates related to the Information Technology. CCA for NetScaler 10 is a Networking

Why Use WordPress For Website Development?

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Webmasters have more ways of developing a website than you can possibly imagine. However, the effectiveness of these methods varies a lot and you will need to be assured that you are making the best decision before committing yourself into any of them. When you are interested in the

Customized Website Design and Its Advantages

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By using custom website design, companies can strategically arrange their products and services to easily catch customers’ attention. This may result to bigger and a more competitive business. There are a lot of website techniques used by many companies thus competition is quite tough. If you want your business

4 Popular Programming Languages

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As technology changes, programming languages continue to change with it. At one point COBOL would have been the most in demand language. Times have changed considerably since then. Several languages have come to the forefront due to their ability to be embedded in different devices. Portability between different types