Netronix Pocketbook 301: How it Compares to Netronix’s Other EBook Readers

Netronix has been in the eBook business for years, and is on top of the most advanced digital reading technology, especially with its latest three releases, one of which is the Netronix Pocketbook 301. All have met with great success with consumers, especially the Netronix Pocketbook 301.

The Pocketbook 301 is a truly convenient eBook device, useful for more than just reading. It has 3G, 3.5G and WWAN internet access capabilities, aided by the integration of Texas Instruments technology. Its screen ranges from 5.3 to 6.0 inches diagonally, while still being an almost weightless handheld device with a slender design. It reads twelve different eBook file types, offering a wider range of options for the reader.

The two other Netronix eBooks besides the Pocketbook 301 are also multifunctional. The PocketBook 360 has features similar to those of the 301, but the Eb600, known to some as the Cookie, has a few differences. For one thing, it only comes in a 6.0-inch size which is not a big deal, and it has the ability to do Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for those who want their eBook to be more of a communication device.

Although the Pocketbook 301 does not have as many languages to choose from as the Eb600, it still handles the same number of card slots and features an expandable memory card slot. A long-lasting battery will allow the user to read over 8,000 pages, which I think is quite generous given most of our reading speeds. The Pocketbook 301, like all of Netronix’s other eBooks, is ultraportable, as Netronix understands today’s world, where everything must be right at the fingertips at all times. Paper books will not so soon be obsolete, but electronic readers like the Pocketbook 301 are providing a really convenient way to access information.

The public likes the solution offered by the Pocketbook 301, as going out to shop for and purchase a book is somewhat of a bother for many. An article entitled “How to Choose an e-Reader: 9 Important Factors” defined eBooks as digital files that are identical to a printed copy of the book, just in electronic format. They’re actually not a new invention; they’ve been around for as long as computers. The new part is their portability.

The Pocketbook 301 allows you to sit in your bedroom, purchase and download a book, and then read it within seconds. The thing that makes the Pocketbook 301 stand out from other eBooks is not just that it will function like an eBook, but that it will do this well, and keep doing it well, to your utmost satisfaction. It gives you a clear picture of your document that you can easily read and understand, without being as clumsy as your laptop or PC.

A great tool for anyone who wants to read on the go, the Pocketbook 301 is one of the best eBooks out there. It’s lightweight and portable, and it’s easy to read. For a few more features than the Pocketbook 301 offers, try the Netronix Eb600.