What Is ADSL and How Can You Get The Best ADSL?

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What is ADSL?

ADSL is an increasingly-common marketing acronym which stands for “asymmetric digital subscriber line.” As with any new marketed product it’s crucial for consumers to understand what’s being offered and what they’re buying. Knowledge is power, and nowhere is this old aphorism more true than in the rapidly-changing telecommunications marketplace. The speed and cost of ADSL service can drastically affect the ability of GPS-enabled devices and the apps that run on them to function properly. For example, if ADSL service is slow or spotty, an app may be properly coded to receive up-to-the-minute weather data but still send incorrect information to the user. In this increasingly electronics-dependent world, it’s crucial that we’re able to rely on the telephone and GPS apps that make our lives easier, and that’s not possible without great ADSL service.

What Is ADSL and How Can You Get The Best ADSL?

ADSL: Faster than a Modem, Cheaper than Optical Cables

The term DSL (digital subscriber line) has been in use for years by telecommunications service providers, and ADSL is its mobile counterpart. Originally, all data had to be transmitted through the existing copper wire analog signal telephone network, built primarily to handle voice data. The next leap beyond this is, of course, optical cable, which has been installed in many locations throughout the world now, even rural areas. But ADSL provides an excellent half-measure between slow copper wire, modem-dependent data transfer and lightning-fast optical cable transfer speeds. The details are quite complicated, but one can simplify by saying that more data is squeezed into the narrow data pipe by an ADSL technology known as DSLAM, or digital subscriber line access multiplexer. This allows standard telephone lines, including mobile telephone services with GPS devices, to get access to drastically faster data upload and download speeds. Many providers rate upload and download speeds using confusing terms like 4G and 3G, but these are less informative than more accurate measurements in terms of megabytes per second (MBPS) with specifically-named upload and download speeds across all cellular networks.

How can i make sure I’m getting the Best ADSL Service?

The online marketplace has never been more crowded with services fighting relentlessly for new customers, and that’s been a major win for consumers. Never before have so many opportunities for varying degrees of fast download and upload speeds to a mobile telephone handset been available all at once, covering a huge geographic region. GPS applications for mobile telephones can work like never before across vast distances, but it’s absolutely critical that consumers keep a keen watch out for the best deals, or they risk getting less for their hard-earned money than they could. Keeping one’s ear to the ground by watching for new and exciting offers online is a huge help, particularly on sites like Offerte Telefono ADSL. Making this a habit helps to keep tabs on the latest devices and offers that will ensure you get the absolute best quality ADSL service on your GPS-enabled telephone handset.