What Is SEO Content Writing?

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In SEO, content is considered as king because it is the important fact which visitors usually see when visit your website. The reason for getting traffic to your website is quality content. If your content is good it goes viral with social media that automatically grab traffic to your website even SEO services company in India close their offices for a period. The work of SEO will work every hour of a day.

What Is SEO Content Writing?

You don’t have to follow any themes for writing content the main thing that you have to consider in writing a content is

  • Content must be informative
  • Keyword density must be low.
  • The Keyword should not be highlighted in the content, don’t try to insert the keyword as per your requirements.
  • Don’t repeat any words or sentences more than two times.
  • Must be grammatically error free.
  • Use graphs, picture or images to represent any point that you want to describe in the content.
  • Use appropriate reference screen shots where you want the people to focus for better understanding of the content.
  • The words you used must be clear to the reader.
  • Don’t copy and paste the content of any other website.
  • Be specific to the topic don’t insert any other facts in the mid of the writing.
  • Don’t highlight the keywords in the content.
  • The article must be more than 500 words, don’t publish the article if it’s less than that.
  • Represent with infographic wherever necessary as it attracts the visitors.
  • Don’t give too many back links to the other commercial website. The back link must be referenced site that helps the readers in understanding the facts easily.
  • Express your thoughts clearly in the content and in short manner.
  • In order to make the content quantity don’t make the content useless. Each word must be informative.
  • The reader who reads the article feel that this is the place they actually searching for getting the service.
  • Your content represents your expertise in that field. Where people usually get attracted.
  • Use catchy and attractive meta tags, headlines, and titles that make the readers feel wow!
  • Don’t write a large paragraph to describe the content.
  • focus the first important points in the introduction which describe the purpose of the product and end the content with the conclusion.

Digital marketing company in India runs mainly because of quality content, if you are content is not informative nobody wants to read the article. If you are providing an informative content people read that content more than once to grab some information from that. Before writing any content you must aware that you are giving informative content to your visitors not to optimize your website. Your content should be copyright content google very easily catch the culprit who uses duplicate content and penalize badly where he will be enabled to get out of it even if it gives its full efforts to recover it. Even if it recovers it will not get its original position.