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Crowdsourcing in the Cloud

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Crowdsourcing – with the meaning “outsourcing a project in an open call to a crowd of people” – has been around for a very long time, but it wasn’t until the internet became widespread that it became famous in the way we know it now. Now, it is an

New Skype for Android Tablets, With Added Features and Superior Voice Quality

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An advanced version of Skype 3.0 has created a rage among the Android powered tablet users. With the introduction of the upgraded Skype 3.0, the users of the smartphones running on Android versions of 2.1 or more are able to access the multi-functional application of Skype 3.0, especially designed

3-D Printing for Everyone

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Prices for most consumer-level 3-D printers have stayed fairly similar to one another. Models that come assembled, such as the Replicator from Makerbot, sell for about $1,500 to $2,500. Consumers can save a bit of money by choosing a kit that requires building, such as the Mosaic 3-D printer

Awesome Black Friday Website Hosting Discounts

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Each Year on Black Friday many companies bring out awesome deals for people to enjoy. This is year is no different. Many people take advantage of this crazy discounts online and offline. Here we list some of the top web hosting coupons and discounts ongoing this black friday 2012.

Cyber Security: How to Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers

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Any website that relies upon personal or financial information needs to be able to ensure that their data is immune from hackers or scams. Sites with shared hosting are at the greatest risk for hacking given that changes to one account may have an effect on other accounts. Regardless

Making Profitable Sites with PHP

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By Jennifer Marsh Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting. PHP is a free platform that usually runs on Apache web hosting servers. It’s the platform language for popular frameworks such as WordPress and Joomla and it’s a convenient language for new websites because

Intelligent Environments

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Computers are getting cleverer; we even use artificial intelligence to enhance our own. But that’s not where technology ends. Our surroundings are getting smarter too. Various products are being developed to form a network of intelligent objects; for example, walls that sense when you’re present to screen the latest

Android App Review: Avengers Initiative from Marvel

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If you enjoyed the film, you might enjoy the app. Here’s our no-holds barred review of Marvel’s latest movie tie-in. Graphics. It’s no secret that this game has been billed as Marvel’s graphical tour de force. And it truly is – the visuals are quite simply stunning throughout. Though

Pros And Cons Of Shared Web Hosting

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The next step after purchasing a domain for your website is to choose a web hosting service. The type of hosting you select will play an effective part in determining the overall success of your website. There are different types of web hosting services that website owners can opt

A Brief Review on My Life .Com and Their Services

Author: | Categories: Internet No comments is the company that actually works as search engine, not for any social media site, but for real people of flesh and bone. The company professionals are working from long time to help others connect with old colleagues, family members and friends. At present, the company has almost