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Do Video Games Make Us More Violent?

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When a school shooting or any other related violent crime occurs, parents, the media, and the public at large attempt to find a scapegoat. In modern cases, that scapegoat would usually be violent video games. The question is whether video games tend to make people more violent than they

New High Tech Gadgets for Architects

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Architects are responsible for all of the buildings that exist in the world today. Many of them have been using tools that have been tried and true throughout the years. While this is true for many of them, some of them are going to the more high tech versions

Conversions in ecommerce: A Few Tricks from Number 10

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You hear people say that to the breaking SEO and conversion optimization are like two sides of the same coin, two halves of the same platonic apple. I agree, but I would use a football metaphor: I think that SEO is like the middle one that retrieves the ball

Careers in Informational Security and Informational Technology

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This is a different world than has ever existed before. Unlike 50 years ago, a social security number doesn’t gather dust sitting on a card in a safe deposit box and almost nobody uses cash to pay important bills. Instead, personal information is sitting in computers across the country,

Why You Want Managed Hosting for Your WordPress Sites

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By Jennifer Marsh Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting. WordPress makes it easy for webmasters to start a website. Even its installation is automated, but what do webmasters do for maintenance or when technical issues bring down the website?

Steel Is a Great Industry for Career Growth

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Possibilities: These days, the possibilities for work for any person are endless. As long as you have the right skills, you can get yourself a good job in just about any field.  It only takes a little public speech and the ability to communicate well. For a person who

Faster-than-dialup Internet Access Options in Rural New Mexico

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Rural New Mexico can be a place of wide-open spaces and stark landscapes of unimaginable beauty. The price of living in such an area, however, may come with the tradeoff of having little access to the Internet, and that only through slow dialup services. Or, at least, this was

5 Ways Organizing With Labels Will Reduce the Stress For Employees

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Having labels on things has always been one of the key ways of organizing things, both business and personal. In the company setting, they can reduce the amount of stress that employees feel—which is often great and does not have to be any greater. Outlined below are five ways