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What Web Design Tutorials Can Teach You

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If you have an idea to create your very own website, there is every chance that you are tempted to having a go at it right away. You do have access to a lot of inexpensive and free website templates at your disposal. The actually help you all the

The Solar Power Revolution

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Eco-friendly and infinite, solar power has long been the ‘good guy’ of the energy industry. Although still not as popular as its carbon and oil counterparts, technological innovations in solar power have, in the past few years, aimed to revolutionise the way we live in the 21st century. If

The New Computer-Focused Classroom: Online Learning from Preschool to College

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The Internet has radically transformed the face of education at every level. Children have gone from occasional days in the computer lab playing Oregon Trail to courses that are held completely online. The new computer-focused classroom makes diverse educational options available to students of all ages. Computers and Preschool

New Health Technologies That Make Us Live Long

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People often think of technology and inventions as things that make their lives easier. As technological advance accelerates, though, the latest technologies in development also promise to make people live longer. In fact, many of them are already in use and extending people’s lives. Pacemakers are older examples of

Preparing For the Tax Year – How To Stay on Top Of Your Tax Obligations

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The two things in life that are absolute certainties are death and taxes, so the saying goes. You can’t do anything to stave off your own mortality, but you can take control of your taxation obligations with a little bit of knowhow, a healthy amount of common sense and

5 Reasons Why your Business Should Embrace Social Media

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In 2013, it’s really difficult to deny the power that social media has on the lives of millions. People use it to connect with other individuals all over the world, and individuals are frequently checking their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. What are the reasons your business should embrace

It’s a Tablet, It’s a Computer, It’s the Asus Transformer AiO

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Nothing is quite as geeky cool as a two-in-one tablet that doubles as a PC monitor. In April, you will have the option to purchase the Asus Transformer AiO, an amazing 18-inch two-in-one with exceptional features. As you wait for it to debut, here’s what you need to know

Six Methods for Slashing Your Energy Bill

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In a 2012 study carried out by the Energy Saving Trust, survey results found that households across the UK spend an extra £86 ($128) on energy bills because they leave their electronic devices on standby – something that can easily be reduced. In fact, sixteen percent of the average

Three SEO Strategy Changes that Publisher and e-Store Affiliations Will Bring About

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As advertising space on publishing platforms is growing ever cheaper, such platforms are turning to e-commerce sites as a viable alternative for monetization. Meanwhile, online stores are also benefitting from this trend, since it essentially means they might just dodge the bullet of the dreaded Panda dance, which has

How To Create An Ecommerce Site That Grabs Eyeballs

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By Sharon Florentine Sharon Florentine is a freelance writer who covers everything from data center technology to holistic veterinary care and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting. What is the major difference between good and great ecommerce sites? “Good” e-commerce sites in the cloud just connect a user or consumer to