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Photo Studio: The Best Photography Editing App So Far

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I do not know how about you but I enjoy taking pictures with my smart-phone. Of course, they can’t compete with those taken with professional cameras but at the same time in day light conditions and with proper attitude you can actually get a masterpiece. But sometimes even masterpieces

Increase the Lifetime of your Office Hardware

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Investing in hardware for your company can be an extremely stressful scenario for all the decision makers involved. No one is prepared to buy the very cheapest kit that may compromise the technological foundations of the company in five years’ time, yet also investing in the very best kit

7 Apps No World Traveler Should Be Without

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Your smart phone can be your best travel companion. The trick to getting the most out of this great resource is loading it with the right software. Here are some mobile apps no world traveler should be without: Lonely Planet Guides. As a world traveler, it’s likely you already

4 Popular Programming Languages

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As technology changes, programming languages continue to change with it. At one point COBOL would have been the most in demand language. Times have changed considerably since then. Several languages have come to the forefront due to their ability to be embedded in different devices. Portability between different types

Are Temperature Controlled Switches A Necessity?

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Having an electrical switch that is activated when something reaches a certain temperature is nothing new. We have been using these great little devices for over 100 years to help us maintain temperatures in a variety of applications. Common Applications For Temperature Controlled Switches The two most common applications

3 Reasons to Invest Time and Money in Social Media

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Social media is no longer something for individuals. Business and company owners need to utilize it to help build their brand, reputation and improve their search engine optimization. It takes time and can cost some money – depending on the type of social media you use – but it

The Business Benefits of Technology and Introducing Fleet Vehicle Tracking

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Technology is incredibly advanced today in many areas making many things in day to day life so much easier. Businesses can benefit on a massive scale from utilising some of the options out there. Vehicle tracking for example makes a big difference to managing a fleet and to businesses

Insight into Top 3 Common Misconceptions about On-Page SEO

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On-Page SEO collectively represents all the elements of a web page that affect its search engine rankings and the biggest misconception among most of the new webmasters, bloggers, as well as even SEO analysts is that building powerful links is the only way to gain high SERPs. In reality,

Five Technologies not to Ban in the Office

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Since the early 1990s, small handheld electronic devices have plagued bosses and teachers alike as employees and students would sit and tap away manically. Game Boys, Virtual Pets and Mobile Phones have been blamed for inactivity around the world and have been confiscated accordingly. Whilst restricting access may help

5 Personal Tech Gadgets Every College Student Should Have

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Being in college means bearing the weight of a lot of responsibility. As a college student, it is important that you make the best use of all your resources, and that means taking advantage of all those neat gadgets technology has made available to you. Here are five personal