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How To Treat Teenage Depression With Mobile Spy

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The idea to use mobile spy to keep a check on teenage depression seems ludicrous to many. However, recent studies suggest that parents have begun using the mobile spy not to ensure that their kids are staying in line, but to make sure that they’re emotional wellbeing is in

HP Pavilion p7-1187c

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Desktop packages come in different flavors. Every manufacturer adds a thing or two that will make it attract more consumers. One example is the HP Pavilion p7-1187c. It has a solid $700 price for a midrange desktop but offers more than it is actually worth. Here comes another HP

Acer Aspire One AOD255-1203

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Acer is one of the companies that are very competitive when it comes to pricing their notebooks. Sometimes, one may even wonder if they even gain any profit from it. One new and competitively priced notebook is the Acer Aspire One AOD255-1203. The Aspire One AOD255-1203 is known for

Samsung Galaxy S II Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S was the best smartphone the company has released. So it was no surprise that the Koreans would dub its successor Galaxy S II. The new smartphone has 1.2GHz processor, ultra-slim chassis and super-light insides, which should bring the Galaxy S II up front in the

I phone 4

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What is new in this device? First of all – absolutely new display with the smart permission 640?960 pixels (at HTC Touch HD2 – 480?800). The second interesting moment – powerful processor, and just the same that is always used in iPad. Well and the third innovation is a

The First Impression Of The Window Phone 7.5

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The Samsung Focus is preloaded with the final build of the Windows Phone 7.5 codenamed Mango. The Windows phone offers a clean and intuitive user interface that works quite well. Windows phone was originally lacking a few features. For example, the NoDo update added a copy and paste but

Apple Fearing Amazon Tablet Launch

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Is Amazon going to take a bite out of Apple? Amazon is considered to be the first real threat to Apple’s iPad market. Amazon will be revealing their new tablet to the market here shortly. Apple seems to be getting worried now. The orders for the Apple iPad have


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As the calendar shows us nearing the iPhone 5 launches, a turn of events have taken place. It takes time and energy to start and bring a rumor up to speed. With probably not much left to spread a new topic has risen up and gained much focus in

HP Veer 4G

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The first Palm introduced webOS in 2009 and subsequently launched the Palm Pre; many people believe that the innovative operating system was the best thing to happen to smartphones that year. In 2011, webOS hold a special place in people hearts for taking a novel approach to smartphone operating


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The recent uploads of the phone 5 casings have yet again grabbed our attention. The case is being studied to imagine what exactly the phone might come out to look like. These cases are fairly much rounder. Many suspect that the phone will be something exactly like the iPad