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What is the best time to upgrade your gaming console

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For decades you could have been comfortable for several years if you had bought a game console. From the Atari 2600 in the late 70s to the PlayStation 4 today: consoles were brought to market with a ‘life cycle’, which lasted about five to seven years until the next

Traffic Rider Hack

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The all new game Traffic Rider has just dropped! The game is quite added and is affluent in popularity. Though it is quite fun, more people means more competition. More competition means more of a challenge to make it to the peak and be the best player. Can you

Best Way To Play Candy Crush Game

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Candy Crush is a popular online game that has great challenging levels and attractive gameplay which keep players completely hooked to it. The game can be played through Facebook app in your computer or in mobile phone using the Android app. The perks, boosts, and bonuses are best used

Awkward Facts I’ve Learned From Games

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If you played computer games as often as I do, you would probably notice these awkward facts as well. Anyway, it is time to reveal some moments, that always made me wonder: do the developers of these games notice these small but quite important details when they work on

A Review Of Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

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“Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4“, as the title implies, uses material from the first four Harry Potter novels. It follows the movies more closely than the books, including the use of John William’s enchanting score for music. In this charming and funny game, the characters use expressions and physical

Playing Throne Games Online: A Great Step For Children Towards Success

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With the passage of time, the demand for online games is also on the rise. Many ends are contributing to this drastic change from offline, outdoor or indoor games to online games. One of the main reasons is the lack of time. This reason holds true not only for

Entertain Yourself With Logic Puzzles and Riddle Games

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Indoor games are always popular. Though a number of video games and online games have come up, most of us enjoy solving logic puzzles and play riddle games. Moreover, it also helps us increase our IQ levels. Also, these games are excellent options for kids and young children to

Get Your Kids Get Smarter with Free Online Games!

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Many parents are of the opinion that their children become lazy and waste time playing games. However, this is not true. Today there is an array of games that help your child learn new things and develop their intellect. There are action packed games, fantasy games and arcade games.

Create a Gaming Getaway: Essential Steps for Success

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Even adults need a play room, and for many people, it’s going to take shape as a game room. It’s a place where you can escape from the responsibilities of everyday life to enjoy some time on your own or with friends and family. As you’re setting up your

Fun games for your BlackBerry PlayBook

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The featured image is sourced from Flickr. Mobile gaming is bigger than ever, with a huge variety of games available, catering to all tastes. BlackBerry PlayBook reviews have highlighted the device’s potential as a gaming platform, and with the recent update to the PlayBook OS, both the number of