Internet TV Spells The Death Of Broadcast TV As We Know It

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So I think I’m done with cable.

In the never ending gasp in trying to save money wherever I can, I have decided that cable is no longer a necessity. I mean, it has never been a necessity; it has always been something I missed when I didn’t have it.

My first apartment when I was a lad was really just a room off this guy’s house. It had a separate bathroom but no kitchen (I used to strain macaroni and cheese in a strainer in my standup shower; my girlfriend at the time thought that was appetizing and lovely). One thing I loved about this place was the cable. It helped me cope with college student stress and I thought I would miss it, but it really wasn’t too big of a deal.

Internet TV Spells The Death Of Broadcast TV As We Know It

Now I have the Internet and all the wonderful ‘streaming’ which is going on all the time really makes me question whether or not any of us really need cable anymore. For how much longer will any of us keep paying for something we can have increasingly faster for free?

YouTube put the thought in our head, but now? To watch a 22 ½ minute sitcom I have to sit through 75 seconds of commercials. Really? That’s it? I would gladly have those seven minutes for-every-half-hour-of-television-that-I-watch of my life back. Moreover with the Internet you can watch what you want, when you want.

Granted, all shows are not online. You can’t watch live events and they are still working out the bugs, but why would I want to have to spend money on something like cable and be forced to watch more commercials when I could just catch up on what happened yesterday online for free?

Of course there is the whole thing like that I already have a television, but I can still watch DVD’s on it. And of course the other thing which is that I’m still squabbling with Dish Network over their holding me to my service contract (they gave me something free; Showtime or something when I first signed up for a 2 year deal. I should have known that me and my wife can’t stay anywhere for two years). Whatever the endgame with Dish, the writing on the wall seems plain enough to me.

More time with my life, more time with my wife, more time doing what I want to, when I want to and less time spent sitting through commercials? That sounds decadent.